Saturday, June 25, 2016

Social behavior

    Neat lot of social good and bad people. A truly wise person will always live quite peacefully among all types of people in society. They did not have antagonistic contradictions that have discriminated against, away, or completely eliminate a certain kind of person in society. Because in fact all kinds of people exist in society has its origin par. Because society has many bad, evil people, that we feel all the value of the good, the hero. Even within each man, the bad, the evil, honesty, or the hero and nothing is absolutely absolute all. If we eliminate those bad people, evil people, who are in conflict with us, then we will live with?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Me cat

       I adopted a kitten. I really love it. With that, the mice away from my house. It also makes my life more interesting. Whenever working in his small garden, often accompanied by my cat. It's very funny to be immersed in nature, and when he saw the birds, or insects fancy. Having it on the side, I also have peace of mind, because it can quickly detect harmful insects. This is a very smart cat. So the other day to my house my mother had asked me to lend her mother a few days to look for the cat and mouse. Since her mother's house are a living mouse. Last night I took the cat to the mother party. This cat which loved my mother. Yet it has proved quite panic when the mother into the house. Then it's also more familiar forever. As for me, I miss the cat during the evening yesterday. I was also worried because maybe it'll go away from her mother's house, then get lost somewhere! This morning I kept thinking about it forever. Does it have to be my mother tie or not. Finally I decided to go to her mother's house to visit the cat.

Construction worker,

      My sister's house on the side of my house is under construction and repairs. So I had the opportunity to observe people working builders. In the countryside where I live has made traditional building craft. Construction workers work in my village to build popularity in the northern provinces of the country. I grew up in this place, so it is no stranger to construction activities. As a teenager, I used to really like the construction activities. But being a girl, I decided to study accounting industry. After years of going to school away from home, now I witness firsthand the work of the builders. It truly is the work that not everyone can do. Construction workers must have a very good health. The work of construction workers very hard and heavy. They are at risk for occupational accidents is very high. That labor accidents in construction activity is quite serious. The heavy loss of life here, or handicapped, or is in the hospital for several days. Environmental work in the construction site with highly contaminated properties. Construction dust is harmful to human lungs. Conditions drinking water while construction is very limited. So many builders in my hometown with kidney disease after a period of construction worker. Toilets for construction workers is also very limited. So the builders struggled and more miserable.

These poor kids

      In the countryside where I live, about 25 years ago is an extremely poor country. Most people live on agriculture. They look rice and vegetables for use in the home. They raise pigs for more money for living expenses. But agriculture with small scale, plant varieties with low productivity, cultivation conditions have greatly limited. People only use the tools of labor with rudimentary tools like in ancient times, when man invented iron tools. So labor productivity is not high. Nearly every family had eaten potatoes, cassava, maize and rice to fully saturated. The unusual weather year, the number of agricultural revenue reduction. So almost rural families always suffer from hunger. To the food is poor and difficult like. Clothes to wear, it's quite limited. These poor kids in my neighborhood often wear the clothes curly as oven worry. No one could identify the original color of the fabrics that we are wearing. It all turns into a brownish color, old and dirty. Some also point to places torn looked pitiful.

Owning a home

     So I finally officially owns a house. This is great. Owning a house similar to me has become king on an area of ​​land that I own. I have a lot of authority over that area. So, I'm happy!

Real brains dream of immortality

       When material life and spirit as full, the people always have a dream that is the immortality. From this year, millions of people have dreams like that. Many people have left to live in the high mountains, where they live in harmony in nature, and not polluted by noise and people they do not want to cultivate the first meeting, a buddha. Because people still think we are the first and immortal Buddha. Many famous kings of China had disposed of all his power to devote to the elixir. They travel around the world to find the elixir of life. They make draconian requirements forcing doctors to find out what kind of elixir of life for them. Ancient Egyptians believed in mummification can help people reborn in the future. But in the end, why? Whether it's a famous emperor in the history of the Chinese nation as Qin Shi Huang, or the Pharaoh bee country's powerful ancient Egypt, then eventually must die. Although these techniques during Week metallurgical Shihuang, or the Great Pyramid in Egypt was still filled with surprise and mystery to humans in modern times.

Struggling to happiness

     Today I had a debate drew fierce fire, for construction workers, for next to my house. They did damage to my house during the construction to repair the house next door. I feel very sad because of this. A sad feeling from the depths of the soul as when I was at the age of 15. The day that I almost lost all faith in the lives of family adversity before. But my man now and it is very different days. Though my spirit come down as a moment when I was 15, but feelings about 7 minutes over soon. I returned to my people at the present time. The emotions at the age of 15 days old returned in me as a jaunt to the past. It as a link between past and present in my mind. It makes me have a new feeling. It seems I'm back the true essence of my people. Ignore people by the school and life circumstances were trained to do. I return to the true nature of man himself. And there is no reason strong enough to convince me that man does not live with. It seems when people are often the weakest return to the true nature of man himself. Because by living with the true nature of man himself, the most powerful one.

Recipes enrich farmers

     We keep talking about crops in the winter season. We now have a misconception that the winter crops are favorite cold climate trees. So we just plant them when winter came. In fact, it is not so! Plant as well as other creatures on earth, we are not like winter. Cold climate processes of growth and development of almost all the species on Earth have slowed. The species adapted to cold climates, the reality is very strong species. So we can still live well in low temperature conditions. Such as pine, potato. If we planted these trees in conditions about 30 degrees C. Then they were still alive, and still growing at a very fast speed!

Getting rich from potato

       Getting rich from potato plants, the story of a great family Jeny as a joke. Yet it is a fact of Jeny her family. Jeny her family which came from a wealthy household in the region. Their living by trading cattle and beef breeds, beef. Because the good economic conditions, Jeny father had fallen into fad drink and gambling. Jeny's father was a heavy drinker. He is also known for a large sum of money into a casino illegal activities locally. Jeny family money which disappeared on targets. The valuable asset of the family was forced to sell off Jeny. Until villas and luxury large family had to sell to pay off debts, the father of Jeny has awakened completely. He really regretted that work done. He was very gentle injured wife and two of his poor child. He wanted to start over, but he knows what to do to quickly become rich! To maintain the life of the family, he continued to do business and farming cows cow, beef cattle business. He borrowed from all relatives and friends to buy three cows to start a small business back.

Delicious dishes from eggs and fried pickles

      Summer heat makes the human body fatigue, irritability. So women n processing into delicious dishes, unique make family meals become more interesting and delicious food from eggs fried pickles as an example This dish is very nutritious and good for digestive system approach is simple, fast so this is a perfect dish for your family's meals

I love the sun!

       He is the dawn of my soul. He is all that is pristine and pure in my soul. Is the true nature of the human child. When I returned to the children themselves. The dreams of the young people they have completed. His only dream in my life is not achieved. And may be that I will forever have no chance to see you again. Now I'm living where I do not even know. Memories of old days dreaming dreams, I really really do not know what is true, what is imagined. I only have feelings for him is absolutely sincere. Wish we meet again, come together, and live together for the rest of life!

I also will travel

      Some holidays soon passed. I see my friends traveling shots showing around a lot. I was left alone in a mountain submerged work. Much work remains to be done, there are many difficulties to overcome. What do I have to quickly succeed? I'm really longing for success Fortunately that my work also solves another important part. I decided to take a trip to rest for support inferior friends. Where I intend to travel in the city of New York is American. I was feeling restless. This is the kind of city development in America's number one. Heard this is a large financial center of the United States. And a lot of people around the world still confused New York is the capital of the United States. Actually, the new city of Washington DC is the capital of the United States.

Royal crystal tree

       In the small garden of the royal family have crystal trees are green in the summer. Just to early winter, when less rainfall, crops wither superb fine start, Mom told me to dig the tubers in my hometown royal planet that's often called peach, then boiled for the same food. Such occasions, my family are very happy. My mother often amazed because only a few small shrubs such royal crystal which is a lot tubers. Mom always told me to remove the small bulbs, so next summer it grow into new trees. And so, every year my family are superb fine dining quite tasty potatoes.

France is great

     My capital is not known much about France. But what I know about the country, and the French made me feel very interesting. In modern culture of Vietnam is pretty much influenced from French culture. Because of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century, France had protected Nguyen government in Vietnam. After the revolution in August 1945, the government of Vietnam has been given into the hands of working people. The French withdrew from Vietnam and leave one architecture, culture, art bold France here. I love the French, and French country to this day is still considered one of the symbols of the civilization of mankind.

The issue of love and money

       Human capital is considered one of the most perfect creation of the universe. But the reality is the man who is still a lot of issues to think about. For example, the appendix section of the human body which has no effect on reserves and digest food. It is a place where the sun residue, causing acute appendicitis and chronic, very harmful to human health. Psychologically as well as that. Humans often have romantic thoughts and tend to abstract problems. Many people often ignore the real interests of themselves, to run under the unthinkable. In love, a lot of people have always tried to keep love with a man who left them. They were ignored and not treated well with those by his side, who can bring happiness to yourself, why?

I'm still alone

      I'm a loner in life. Since childhood I have been very difficult to combine with others. I also try to have friends. But it was also a friend to me as anyone else. Frankly I do not love them. I find them very annoying. Sometimes they do hurt me pretty badly. But I was trying to be polite to them.

Amazon river

     Summer heat, so I decided to go to the river to travel the legendary Amazon. This really is a very exciting discovery. This trip for me the experience was surprised about people and the scenery.

Travel experience

      The more developed society, material life of the people, the higher the travel needs of the people is growing. Along with the development of transport networks. Nowadays people can travel by airplane, automobile, train, boat, motorcycle, or bicycle. We can go from Asia to Europe in just a few hours. So we have the opportunity to explore the new city is always open to everyone in the eye. We can go to the strange land that just listening to a simple way thanks to the travel service company. But one thing that I advise you to note when making trips away are: learn carefully about where they go ahead then. Because each region with the culture, customs and habits, and the human condition, a very different society. If we do not have knowledge of that place, maybe we will meet difficulties and dangers while traveling.

How to choose men to marry women

      As a woman, getting good man shall be deemed to have been definitely happy to 50% in the hands. Whether it's a talented girl how she had a noble background like that. Which itself then she creates is just 50% happy of myself only. So the encounter, love, and marry a good man almost as a dream of every girl. There are many who believe that good man, you need to have lots of money. In my opinion, good men must first have a good personality. The personality of a man is what you live with the new during his marriage. Money is just outside the animal body. Today it belongs to the people, tomorrow it could belong to someone else. A thinking person can not make money and money management. No matter in hand him a huge sum of money, then he would also lose it in a short time.

Secrets of New York City

       New York City is an international city, it is the economic center, the largest financing in the United States. The city has about 8 million inhabitants, and is divided into 4 rolls. This is a city with an average income per capita is very high. A person with income around 500.000 USD / 1 year are still seen as the poor. Residents of the city's ongoing operations, excluding the day. And New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. But there's a strange city is that 75% of the city population does not own a car! Is a city of 8 million inhabitants, but the streets of New York are very few vehicles. There is no phenomenon of heavy traffic congestion, traffic jams sometimes up to several hours in the city such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, or the country's capital, Jakarta, Indonesia. People here do not have to live with traffic scenes, traffic congestion, dust, and noise of the motor vehicle. So what makes up the difference? Secrets of New York City, the world's megacities are what?

Solve the problem of food waste in Vietnam

        Increasingly abnormal climate. The area of ​​agricultural land is increasingly shrinking. Contaminated foods commonly sold in the market. The producer and food business always do everything possible to increase their own profits. They do not need to know the consequences of getting consumers to eat the food while there. The producer and food business dirty explain their innocence only reason they are still producing food business and dirty, because they use them to sell, not to eat!

Cultivator enrichment

       Mushroom still seen as the queen of the plants. It gives people a lot of important nutrients. And that really is a food fragrant, delicious, and nutritious human. But the fact of the Vietnam market today mushroom undeveloped commensurate with the value which gives the mushroom man. The main reason is due to the cultivation of mushrooms in Vietnam in a small scale, and mushroom production according to the manual method. The processing and preservation of mushrooms is very much limited. Hot and humid climate conditions of Vietnam is a good medium for mold growth species. Vietnam despite knowing who is very good fungus, mushrooms human security expenditure is also used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It also ranked ahead of ginseng. But Vietnam does not have the habit of eating habits mushrooms. Thus the consumption of mushrooms in the market rather difficult. At home I also have family of mushroom cultivation. They often bring mushrooms send in shops selling meat to ask for protection. Villagers habits I used mushrooms sauteed with pork, beef, or chicken.

Dream cultivator

       I love mushrooms. Mushrooms have a strong impression with mushrooms from a very young age. That day in schools usually wind greeted cautions plans to raise living standards for staff, teachers in the school. Mushroom growing model in the school is considered a model of economic efficiency. Because it took advantage of sources of agricultural waste products locally as dried rice stalks, and excess vast space of the school on the occasion of the summer. So, when to harvest mushrooms, fungi are divided among the officials and teachers in the school. My mother is a teacher of her school, so my family had a lot of mushrooms to eat when harvested mushrooms. My mother said very nutritious eating mushrooms. And fungi grow quickly. I saw mushrooms have a very pleasant aroma, its taste is also very tasty. So I have been dreaming about the mushrooms grow from that date. Then little planning model by students and teachers at schools mushroom cultivation has been eliminated. Instead, each student bring a 65 ml bottle to the school, to implement the plan on each occasion small to summer. I do not know exactly what the school had used the bottle to do it. But I think they are used to produce fish sauce, soy sauce, or wine for distribution to staff and teachers in the school. I also do not remember my family have been receiving these products do not. Perhaps because it does not leave any impression on me, after the program submitted by students end bottles that end.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vietnam psychology

      Vietnam people in general, especially the Northerners very seriously vehicles. Owning luxury cars, or bikes almost as expensive as is the dream of everyone. What are they going vehicles represent part of their class. So many people who are trying to have the luxury cars as possible. Many borrowers owed to it.